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The Magnolia Foundation was created by Joanna and Mark Montgomery to support patients and their families battling below the belt cancers.

Named after their daughter, Magnolia Grace Montgomery, who arrived three weeks early via emergency c-section, perfectly healthy. During the delivery, a mass was discovered on Joanna’s Fallopian tube. A few tests later, it was confirmed that Joanna had stage 3C cancer, and it had spread aggressively. As Joanna wrote on the first post of a new blog she began to chronicle a new journey:

“If it weren’t for her, they may not have found the cancer inside me until it had progressed much further. It may just turn out that she saved my life.”

And she did, for far too short a time.  Joanna passed in July of 2015, nearly 4 years after being diagnosed.  Another victim of cancer…

The fight continues.

The Foundation is here to extend the impact she had on an untold number of people globally, to support families, and to do it utilizing a variety of funding sources including earned income.